The Best SEO and Marketing Company

Due to fierce competition that is currently being experienced in the online business, business owners have been forced to find other better ways of keeping their businesses competitive. Among the simplest and cost effective ways of achieving this is the use of SEO marketing services. The good thing is that there are numerous search engine marketing and optimization companies available today. You only need to be a good internet researcher and you will be able to find numerous sites where you can advertise your products on. However, some of these SEO marketing companies are not what they purport to be. They are either not reliable or too costly for you. That is why you need to learn a few important qualities of a good SEO marketing company. This article seeks to provide you with some. You can have a look.

What to Look For In an SEO Marketing Company?
Marketing through the internet is not only effective, but also affordable. It is therefore very wise of you to find a good search engine marketing and optimization company. This is the best way to ensure that your brand is known to the largest number of target consumers without draining your account. The following are some of the important qualities that you should look for in the site that you wish to hire your services from:

  • Appearance: A good SEO marketing company must be appealing to the eye. That means, it should be professionally designed and polished with eye catching features. Remember that the site that you choose to promote your products on will be reflecting the image of your brand. You should therefore go for a company that has a potential to create a good impression of your brand. Such a site will also be able to attract the largest number of visitors who can be converted into potential buyers. A visually appealing site should have the following; clarity, meaningful graphics, quality photography, simplicity, and attractive colors.
  • Content: Much as having an attractive marketing site is important, you should pay a lot of attention to the content. A good site should have substance. Remember that most visitors are looking for relevant and fresh information to help them make more informed decisions. It is therefore advisable that you hire your online marketing services from a site that provides good content.
  • Functionality: A good marketing site should have components that are completely functional. The problem with some advertising websites is that they have so many components that are either too complicated or outdated. Check the functionality of the site that you wish to hire so that you can avoid frustrations in the future.

Local Business and the New Media Revolution

All businesses whether they are large or small should be aware that in the new media revolution, online video marketing plays a massive role.

Here are some interesting statistics for the new media revolution:

  • YouTube has become the 4th popular search engine
  • Online video has exploded
  • More than 60% of all internet traffic is accounted for by online video
  • In the United States alone, 26 billion online videos were viewed each month

In recent years the mobile revolution has taken off and online video has become a part of this also. Portable devices such as Blackberry, iPads, iPhones, tablets and Android devices are everywhere, world over. You may actually be the owner of one of these devices yourself and realize you are able to watch video on them.

You may or may not be aware that there are 4 times as many mobile device users as there are internet users. Not only that, but 33% of phones utilise high speed data services.

This of course represents a major change in the way we do business. Whether you have a national, global or local business, you want to be where your customers are likely to hang out, no matter what time of day. You need your product or service slap bang in front of them. The best way for you to do this is of course you guessed it, video.

To get your message across the old fashioned way meant using a television commercial, a yellow pages advert or even a radio spot. Thankfully there are now better ways. Yes the video revolution has arrived and if you are not part of it then ask yourself why.

Perhaps you are wondering if people are actually searching for your product or service online. The truth is they are, not necessarily on Google alone. They are searching on the thousands of other social media sites out there such as Facebook,YouTube, MySpace etc. Some even use Twitter to promote their products or services.

Why Online Video will benefit Your Local Business

1) Attract more customers

By using online video you are reaching out to a wider audience. Ask yourself, would you rather read a long rambling piece of text on a webpage for 20 minutes or watch a 5 minute video? It really is a no brainer and most people will opt for the video.

2) Watch anyplace at anytime

People who have an iPad, smartphone, tablet, pc etc, can access video content anywhere at any time. Ask yourself, are all these mobile device users finding your product or service?

3) Engage your prospects

Using text is an OK method of getting your message across. Adding a photo or two will enhance it even more. However none of this can compare to a video because people love visual things. They are used to watching TV so naturally it follows that video will instantly appeal also.

4) Stay ahead of the competition

Video will help to make you stand out from your competitors. If you are an electrician who has been searched for on Google and you have a website full of text and there is another electrician site with online video, who do you imagine is likely to get more business? Most probably the site with the online video.

5) High search engine rankings

Video shows now in the Google search results. There is every chance your video could land on the first page of Google. Think what that would do for your website traffic.

6) Go viral with your videos

One of the benefits of modern media is that people can share content they like. Imagine someone likes your video on YouTube and with the click of a button they share it with their thousands of Twitter or Facebook friends. Imagine the avalanche of traffic you will get. That traffic can well turn into sales. This is truly tremendous exposure for your business.

If you are using old traditional ways of marketing you are leaving sales on the table and lagging behind your competition. Surely it’s time to move ahead and grab the opportunities in front of you

What kind of videos can be created?

  • How to videos
  • Tips
  • Frequently asked questions
  • About your company
  • Product reviews
  • Sales page text reproduced in video format

Online video will revolutionise your business, get you clients and boost your sales. You owe it to yourself and your business to use online video as part of your marketing strategy.

3 Ways a Business Can Get Rapid Returns on Investment Made for Data and Marketing

If you are a small or mid sized (or any sized) business, your challenge today is to stretch your marketing dollar as much as possible. Your objective is to reach and convert as many potential customers as you can with that limited budget. This is critical today in the era of Groupon, especially if you are in retail.

We will talk about three obvious marketing challenges that can be significantly reduced with data and analytics.

1. Anticipating your customer needs ahead of time

To the uninitiated this may sound like fortune telling, but it is not! The trick is in building models of consumer behavior. Models help you to estimate the likelihood that a given prospect will make certain types of purchases. In a very interesting application, big box retailer Target, builds models that can predict if a given female shopper is pregnant and can estimate with a great degree of accuracy when they are likely to have the baby. For such customers, the retailer systematically sets up a lead conversion program where timed messages and coupons are sent for various baby related items such as cribs, diapers, infant toys etc to increase the chance they will come back and shop for more.

2. Deliver a focused offer (a coupon) at point of sale to increase conversion

If you know for example, that a shopper has purchased items such as boxes, duct tape, etc, the likelihood that they may be moving is high. The reward for you, the retailer comes in if you can offer at the point of sale, coupons for other items that might help in a move, such as cleaning supplies.

3. Optimize spending on PPC campaigns to maximize your returns

85% of the time a consumer’s first interaction with a brand starts with an internet search. No wonder that pay-per-click advertising is such a major revenue generator for search engines. With increased competition for clicks, the cost per click for popular search keywords are high. It becomes increasingly harder to get ads placed high enough on the search engine results page in order to generate clicks. As an SME it gets much harder to compete with the “big boys” for such valuable internet real-estate.

Models can be built to predict what price you as a retailer must bid at in order to get a certain placement position. Furthermore, models can also be built to predict click through conversion, and sales for a given keyword-position combination.